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From an Artist/ Poet/ Fan in ChiCaGo, IL...
This space is dedicated to all forms of urban culture, from slam poetry, to photos, to untold stories, to different artists, videos, shows and other people. With a touch of humor and basketball...

It's all about the highs and flows, period.

Inspired by my ROots, experiences, and family. My love for Music, poetry, Beauty and spoken word motivates me every single day.

*** I ONLY take FULL CREDIT for The Poems/ PieCes. ALL me, myself and I! (Unless I give somebody else credit for a particular piece)

Music and Dancing are my # 1 BabiEs, go hand in hand. From old school, to new school and everything in between.

Thanks to those who support me through thick and thin.

Peace and Blessings,



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Changing Faces- Stroke You Up (1995)

They don’t make em like this no more. Smooth real slow jam. For grown folks only. 

Alicia Keys & Maxwell- Fire We Make (2013)

My girl Alicia is back. Grown & sexy indeed, Hott. Killa combo with Maxwell! Self- explanatory. Enjoy!! 

Cats have it all - admiration an endless sleep, and company only when they want it.

Rod McKuen (via substantia-nigra)

(via applecores)

R. Kelly- I Wish (2000)

Smooth song and beat. Waiting on Spring…. soon… soon.

The sun finally came out!! Chi- Town really needed this… needed it bad!

Found on: 


Erica Ash… actress, model and comedian

She is in Scary Movie 5 FYI. Classy. 

Gerald Levert- Nothin’ to Something (2006)  

Another grown n’ sexy jam by G… 

Gerald Levert- Answering Service 

This brotha knew what to say and how to say it. A gentleman. This that ish…! School em out there G.

Just some food for thought

No matter what happens in this imperfect world, whether good, bad or scary, I will always choose peace, courage and positive thinking over fear, ignorance and stereotyping. Terror or fear comes in many many forms. Please think out the box. The few that want to control the majority of people want us to live afraid and stay ignorant. Heaven is on earth, but Hell has been trying to take over earth for way too long. I choose to keep my head up, make a difference and live to stay alive. We all have human rights, and the basic one is to live. Call me a fool, but I pray this and every day for more happiness, Understanding and compassion. #JCdaMC

Untitled X Piece (2011)

This piece is from a few years ago…

For the first time in a long time, I don’t have much to say

I don’t have much to say, I’d rather be silent today, and the next day.

Naw, things ain’t necessarily going astray

But our wounds are still open, and the humble still cope- in

I will be silent, not because I’m bitter or got the jitters

I will be silent because it’s the one and only way to silence demons

to lead myself and those I love with me toward liberation.

I wish we could all stop pre- judging, grudging, but maybe that’s too much to ask.

One thing’s fa sho, forgiveness and love ain’t no task.

Love is real, free of seals.

I will be silent because we still need More love in our own temples.

For the first time in a long time, I don’t have much to say

I don’t have much to say, I’d rather be silent today, and the next day.


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