Highs and Flows

From an Artist/ Poet/ Fan in ChiCaGo, IL...
This space is dedicated to all forms of urban culture, from slam poetry, to photos, to untold stories, to different artists, videos, shows and other people. With a touch of humor and basketball...

It's all about the highs and flows, period.

Inspired by my ROots, experiences, and family. My love for Music, poetry, Beauty and spoken word motivates me every single day.

*** I ONLY take FULL CREDIT for The Poems/ PieCes. ALL me, myself and I! (Unless I give somebody else credit for a particular piece)

Music and Dancing are my # 1 BabiEs, go hand in hand. From old school, to new school and everything in between.

Thanks to those who support me through thick and thin.

Peace and Blessings,



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Gorgeous and classy…. my celebrity boo. 

Gorgeous and classy…. my celebrity boo. 


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